Shaker Bottle


Shaker Bottle

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This shaker is perfect for mixing your meal replacement shakes.

It also comes with two lower chambers which can be used to hold an additional shake.

Simply add two scoops (one full serving) to the top compartment, and an additional two scoops to the lower compartments, and you can carry two full meals with you wherever you go!

How It Works

Each delicious shake is designed to replace a full meal.

Every serving contains just 2g of net carbs, making the shakes a highly effective way to lower your carb intake, and naturally lower blood sugar.

Simply add two scoops of powder to 10oz of water, shake it up, and enjoy.

At just a couple bucks per serving you can lose weight and lower blood sugar, all for less than a cup of coffee.


Protein: 27g
Healthy Fats: 21g
Net Carbs: 2g

Specialized Ingredients for Lowering Blood Sugar:

Gymnema Extract
Bitter Melon Extract
Alpha Lipoic Acid

Adaptogenic Mushrooms:

Lion's Mane
Turkey Tail


Protein - 27g
Fat - 21g
Net Carbs - 2g

Egg Protein - 35g
Grass Fed Butter Powder - 7g
Oat Fiber - 6g
Pea Protein - 5g
Lion’s Mane - 600mg
Taurine - 500mg
L-Isoleucine - 300mg
L-Lysine - 300mg
L-Valine - 300mg
Inositol - 275mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid - 100mg
Bitter Melon Extract - 100mg
Chaga - 100mg
Turkey Tail - 100mg
Gymnema Extract - 75mg
Cordyceps - 50mg
Reishi - 48mg
Vanadium - 0.2mg

Vitamins & Minerals
Sodium - 20% Daily Value
Biotin - 20% Daily Value
Folate - 20% Daily Value
Niacin - 20% Daily Value
Riboflavin - 20% Daily Value
Vitamin A - 18% Daily Value
Vitamin B1 - 20% Daily Value
Vitamin B5 - 20% Daily Value
Vitamin B6 - 20% Daily Value
Vitamin B12 - 20% Daily Value
Vitamin C - 20% Daily Value
Vitamin D - 20% Daily Value
Vitamin E - 20% Daily Value
Vitamin K - 20% Daily Value
Calcium - 20% Daily Value
Magnesium - 20% Daily Value
Choline - 20% Daily Value
Iron - 20% Daily Value
Manganese - 20% Daily Value
Copper - 20% Daily Value
Zinc - 20% Daily Value
Potassium - 20% Daily Value
Selenium - 20% Daily Value
Chromium - 20% Daily Value
Molybdenum - 20% Daily Value


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