Checking blood sugar levels of a diabetic

Low Calorie & Low Carb Diets Lower Blood Sugar For Diabetes Patients

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Through a Healthy and Nutritious Diet

Reversing Type 2 diabetes with a diabetes management plan consisting of a low calorie diet can result in lower blood sugar and diabetes remission. Diabetes is a disease fraught with complications, such as heart disease, hypertension, fatty liver disease, neuropathy, glaucoma, nerve damage and potentially, cancer.   In this article, we discuss natural cures for diabetes and how to lower blood sugar.


At the heart of it all remains one ailment that trumps the rest: high blood sugar. The dreaded A1C quarterly blood sugar test. 

We all know the risks of maintaining high blood sugar levels, but how does blood sugar get high in the first place?

Not surprisingly, eating sugar spikes your blood sugar levels. But it isn’t just “sugary” foods like cupcakes, soda and candy that can put your blood sugar levels through the roof.

Carbohydrates - found in foods like pasta, pizza, bread, and potatoes - are broken down during digestion and turned into sugar which the body uses for energy.

So even if you cut out the sugary “junk food” from your diet, your blood sugar may still remain high due to consumption of carbs.

Thats where a low carb diet comes in. When you stop eating carbohydrates your body will burn through whatever sugar it has left, and then will transition to burning fat, which it converts into a new form of energy called ketones.  Research has shown the # 1 natural insulin alternative and leading diabetes remission plan is to reduce carbs.

This all sounds pretty good in practice. But a true “low-carb” diet means getting less than 5% of your total calories from carbohydrates.

If you’re like most people, that doesn’t sound particularly easy. Sure, you can avoid the obvious ones like pizza or a cheese sandwich, but carbs are lurking everywhere. A seemingly “healthy” vegetable like broccoli is about 50% carbohydrates.

Even with great intentions and perfect discipline carbs may still sneak into your diet and sabotage your success.

In fact, study after study has shown that meal replacement programs significantly outperform traditional diets.


It isn’t because drinking shakes is better than eating whole foods. It’s because shakes are easy to portion, and you know exactly what is in them.

What sounds easier: eat 100g of fat, 100g of protein, and 40g of carbs each day, or drink five meal replacement shakes each day?

The strength of meal replacement programs is their simplicity. They are easy to follow and quick to implement.

By combining the simplicity of a meal replacement and the effectiveness of a low carb diet, you get the perfect program to reduce blood sugar levels and fight back against diabetes.

At Type2Diet we have created exactly this. Not only is each meal-replacement shake rich in fat and protein and low in carbs, but it also contains all the daily recommended vitamins and minerals recommended by the FDA. Five shakes a day gives you 1500 low-carb calories, and 100% of your daily recommended amount of 25 essential vitamins and minerals.

When you’re ready to take control of your blood sugar, a low carb diet is a great place to start. And if you’re looking for simplicity, a meal-replacement program like Type2Diet could be just the thing to help you on your path to diabetes remission. Type2Diet is the leading natural remedy for diabetes.

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