how do people get type 2 diabetes?

Here's The Best Way To Get Type 2 Diabetes

Yes, you read that correctly.

In today's article we are going to discuss the absolute best ways that you can go about getting type 2 diabetes.

Sometimes it is easier to identify the habits that lead to diabetes, and then AVOID those, rather than trying to come up with a prescriptive list of diets and exercises and things like that.

So read on, and if you recognize any of the items in the list in your own life, it may be time to consider a change.

1. Don't exercise, ever!

Lets start things off by talking about physical activity.

Studies have shown that getting as little as 20 minutes of modern exercise (like a brisk walk) each day can reduce your risk of getting diabetes by a staggering 56%.

So if you are trying to get type 2 diabetes, you need to make sure to avoid exercise like the plague.

Ideally you'll work at a desk, sit all day, go home, and sit down on the couch some more.

Don't take the stairs, don't go out for a walk, and whatever you do, definitely don't go to the gym or join a fitness class of any kind!

2. Eat tons of processed foods

If it looks like something you could have picked from the ground, don't eat it!

Everything that you put in your mouth should come from a can, a bag, or some kind of container.

Say goodbye to fresh fruits and veggies.

You should be microwaving most of your meals.

Don't even worry about reading the ingredients or looking at the nutrition facts.

If it's highly processed and looks nothing like real food, eat it up!

3. Maintain a high carb diet

French fries? Yes.

Potato chips? Definitely.

Pasta and pizza? Of course!

One of the best ways to raise blood sugar levels is to be consistently eating a ton of carbs.

This is because when carbs are digested they are turned into sugar. This sugar can build up in your body and create chronically high blood sugar levels.

So if you want to elevate those blood sugars and be on your way to type two diabetes, make sure to maintain a diet that consists mostly of carbs.

4. Drink plenty of soda and other sugary drinks

If you want to get type two diabetes you should really consider drinking soda instead of water whenever you can.

Soda contains a ton of sugar, no nutritional value, and is a great beverage for anyone looking to diminish their health.

But don't just stop at sodas - most fruit juices are also super high in sugar and while they might appear to be a healthy alternative to sodas, in many cases fruit juices can actually be just as bad.

5. Don't keep track of your health

If you really want to get diabetes, you should do your best to avoid seeing your doctor for long periods of time.

When you go for regular check-ups your doctor might notice the signs and symptoms of diabetes early, and as a result they might be able to put you on a program that can help you avoid getting this disease.

While we're on the subject, don't step on a scale either.

If you notice yourself gaining weight, you might make some lifestyle changes to reduce the weight gain. But if you don't know that you're gaining weight, you won't have any reason to make changes.

6. Don't educate yourself about diabetes

This might be the most important of all.

If you want to get diabetes, it's best that you go out of your way to avoid learning about what causes diabetes, as well as the symptoms that can come with diabetes.

If you knew that diabetes can cause you to go blind, experience kidney failure, get toes and feet amputated, and die 10 years early than you otherwise would, you would probably do everything in your power to avoid it.

But if you are trying to get diabetes, ignorance is bliss. Don't learn about risk factors for getting diabetes, and don't look up the symptoms.

Closing Thoughts

Diabetes is a complicated disease that can occur for a wide variety of different reasons, varying from genetic pre-disposition to self-induced lifestyle choices or habits.

But regardless of whether you have a genetic predisposition towards diabetes or not, there are still certain things that you can do that will raise your likelihood of getting diabetes, and certain things that will lower that risk.

The list above should be a good starting point for you to think about your own lifestyle choices.

Do you do any of the things on that list? If so, it might be time to consider making a change.

If you are still learning about diabetes, you can check out this article we wrote titled: Just Diagnosed With Diabetes? Here's What You Need To Know. It's a great starting point for anyone wanting to educate themselves more about type 2 diabetes.

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