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Do diabetic shakes really work?

Diabetic shakes have been gaining in popularity over the past decade, but do they really work, and are they effective?

In this article we'll discuss what diabetic shakes are, how they are designed to work, and whether or not they are a useful tool for those living with type two diabetes.

What is a diabetic shake?

A diabetic shake is a drink designed to be consumed by a person with diabetes as a means of improving their health.

Specifically, diabetic shakes should help to either reduce or stabilize blood sugar levels, which is the primary metric you should be looking at as a patient with type two diabetes or pre-diabetes.

How do diabetes shakes work?

There are a variety of different diabetic shakes on the market, so we can't speak for all of them, but in general there are two different mechanisms that can improve blood sugar levels:

  1. The shakes replace a meal with a very low carb alternative
  2. The shakes contain specific ingredients that may naturally improve blood sugar levels

In the case of Type2Diet shakes, they do both.

Each one of our shakes is designed as a complete replacement to a regular meal, but with just 2g of net carbs.

By swapping out a traditional meal that could have as many as 50g or even 100g of carbs with a meal replacement shake that has just 2g of net carbs, you can dramatically reduce the amount of carbs in your diet, which is one of the primary natural ways to manage blood sugar levels.

Are diabetic shakes right for you?

Diabetic shakes can be a great tool, but in order to really see results these shakes should be just one component of a broader lifestyle adjustment.

Maintaining a low carb diet is one of the most well studied and effective ways of naturally decreasing blood sugar levels, and diabetic shakes can be a great tool to help facilitate this type of diet.

That being said, you also need to monitor the foods you eat outside of the shakes, and if you're able to, incorporate some exercise into your routine as well.

The Takeaway

Diabetic shakes can be a great tool to help you maintain a low-carb lifestyle, and even provide some additional supplements that you might already be taking in pill form.

If you're interested in eating low-carb, diabetic shakes can be a great tool to help make that easier.

Rather than having to constantly figure out what to eat and what is off limits, you can simply replace 1-2 meals each day with shakes to dramatically reduce the carbs in your diet.

For this reason diabetic shakes can be a really effective tool when used correctly. They aren't a magic potion that will "cure" all your issues, but they can be a helpful tool to make a low-carb diet much easier.

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