foods that won't spike blood sugar levels

7 Delicious Foods that WON'T spike blood sugar levels

We all love delicious food, and that is the reason so many of us resist starting a diet, even if we know it's the right thing to do.

Fortunately, diet doesn't have to equal eating foods you don't enjoy.

Here are 7 of our favorite foods that you can eat without worrying about spiking your blood sugar levels:

1. Avocado

Who doesn't love avocado?

Whether as a side dish to your meal, a midday snack, or mashed into guac, avocados are a great source of healthy fat, and are very low in carbohydrates. This makes them an excellent food for anyone looking to cut back on carbs without cutting back on flavor.

2. Almonds

This healthy nut is a great snack all on its own. We suggest taking a bag of them to work with you and snacking on them throughout the day to reduce hunger levels. Ditch the snickers bar and grab yourself a handful of almonds instead. Your health (and your waistline!) will thank you for it.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

One study has shown that apple cider vinegar may increase insulin sensitivity if taken before meals.

This means that if taken before a meal, apple cider vinegar could actually help your body to prepare for the incoming meal and do a better job of shuttling sugar from the blood into the cells.

We recommend taking apple cider vinegar about 30 minutes before a meal, and make sure to dilute it with water because otherwise it can be pretty potent.

4. Fish

Eating fish is delicious, and healthy. Just be sure to choose fish that are high in omega-3s, such as salmon, trout, albacore, halibut, and mackerel. These fish are super easy to prepare, and make for an awesome meal. Simply put on a baking sheet, sprinkle some salt, pepper, and lemon on top, and bake until ready. If you're looking for some sides to complete the meal, we suggest:

5. Leafy Greens

Super high in fiber and nutrient dense, leafy greens are never a bad choice. They are naturally low calorie, and eating lots of them is associated with a decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Some greens we suggest are: kale, chard, spinach, collard greens, and lettuce. They make for a great accompaniment to any meal, or can be prepared into a salad for a tasty dish all on their own.

6. Garlic

Not only goes garlic have zero carbs, there is some evidence to suggest that it may actually reduce fasting glucose levels. There are tons of different ways to incorporate garlic into your cooking, but one novel idea that we like is to make it into a spread and use it to replace butter or even salad dressing!

7. Eggs

Simply put, eggs are a great food to use in any meal. Most common as breakfast, eggs are high in omega-3s and healthy fats, while having next to no carbohydrates in them. We suggest having a few of them for breakfast, and boiling some to eat throughout the day as healthy and satisfying snacks.


So there you have it! 7 delicious foods that you can enjoy guilt-free on a low carb diet. Remember, just because it's low carb, doesn't mean it has to be low-flavor!

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